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Solar Power Your Life & Save!

When you live in an area like the San Joaquin Valley, you know that harnessing the sun to provide real energy to your home or business has become the main player in alternative energy sources. You can now access this free resource yourself at a much lowest cost than you have previously imagined, thanks to huge advances in the solar technology, and the introduction of the governments Solar Tax Credits & Rebates schemes.


All our systems are designed to suit your unique circumstances with:
No Subcontractors Or Middlemen
To Push Up The Prices!

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You are dealing directly with the supplier & installer of your new system, there is no subcontractors or middlemen to add to the cost of your installation.

All our systems are designed for you individually to suit your personal situation, so we take care of all the hard work, the designing of the system, all of the engineering requirements, obtaining the permits, and making sure that you are connected up to the utility company.

We take the time to make our contracts simple and easy to understand and we make the process even simpler by assigning you one person as your point of contact throughout the entire process.

A very IMPORTANT fact that most people overlook is that putting solar on your home increases the re-sale value of your property immensely.

Get us to handle the whole process, so you can benefit from increased property value, whilst reducing your current electricity bills & helping to improve the health of our planet, year after year!

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