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Solar Credits & Rebates

30p tax rebate


We Handle All The Paper Work & Application Process For You:

big green tickWe obtain the permits to the drawings acquired to install the system, and we liaise with your utility company to have the system authorized by them to push any excess energy back onto the grid!


Almost everyone can access these credits, householders and business owners  The eligibility is extremely wide, residential, multifamily residences and the rebates available for, solar water heaters space heaters, and of course solar photovoltaic. . Under the business category the eligibility is as follows agriculture, investor owned utilities, cooperative utilities, commercial, and industrial. The categories under which savings are available are as follows solar thermal process heat solar water heaters, solar space heaters, solar thermal electric , and geothermal electric

The Process Of Application:

The application  process is extremely simple, you include the total cost of your solar system in your next tax return, and if you system for example cost you $30,000, you rebate would be $10,000. In other words if you had a tax bill of $10,000. This rebate would wipe out your tax. Let me repeat that it would completely negate your tax. If you only paid $5000 a year in tax, you would take the rebate over two years.

Applying The 30% Tax Reduction:

As above, you just give the information to your accountant or tax preparer and it reduces your tax by 30% of the gross cost of the system

The Savings:

The savings are simple and straightforward it is a dollar rebate against the dollar of your tax, $1 minus $1 equals zero tax.

filling out forms

It's Easy To Think It's Really Hard To Apply:

Are you someone who reel's back at the thought of wading through pages of Government form filling and questioning, just to apply for something that is ultimately good for everyone?

It is very easy to not bother and just keep paying the bills you are used to! Well you don't need to, because we are the ones that do the wading!!!

So time to stop burying you head on your hands and take action. Action that will not only help you and your family, but the planet as well.

No Time Involved When Applying:

happy client

It is Not Stressful.(thank goodness) 

There is no application process to go through, so there is no time involved when applying for your rebate, it is just claimed against your normal tax the next time you prepare your tax return.

In essence the federal government will reduce your total solar installation bill by one third.

Everyone  & everything wins with this essential Solar Power incentive scheme to get everyone thinking about, and harvesting, the incredible resource we see and feel every single day.

This is why we do what we do!

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